The 8Cs

The 8Cs is a curated mentorship programme founded on principles that can be applied to foster improvement of productivity in areas related to both personal and business objectives. It adopts a scientifically proven approach focused on self-driven growth with a strong emphasis on addressing factors that are within an individual’s direct control. It is immersive, hands-on, minimally intrusive and designed to accomplish three (3) objectives:

participants to key areas necessary for sustainable personal and professional growth.

A simple, practical, effective work plan aligned with each participant’s individual growth objectives as aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization.

Individually with each participant in 8 short virtual weekly sessions to ensure accountability towards implementing the simple but effective set of daily tasks developed during the half-day workshop.

Who Can Participate?
The Programme is open to all:
  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Universities
  • Public and Private Institutions
  • Society at large

The half-day workshop covers the following topics under the 8Cs:

  • Character (aligning personal growth with business/organisational goals).
  • Culture (creating a work environment that exudes safety and trust, promoting the emergence of the best ideas for growth).
  • Causal Thinking (objective evaluation of available opportunities).
  • Consistency (building the discipline for consistent quality personal output).
  • Customer/Stakeholder Focus (creating value for all stakeholders).
  • Communication (consistent effective stakeholder interaction).
  • Collaboration (tapping into the power of unity).
  • Connections (building one’s own personal and business network)

The half-day workshop is undertaken on a day that is convenient for the participants and can be delivered at client premises using a room that has a white board and can accommodate up to 20 people. The room set up works best when there are no desks. Laptops and phones are not allowed during sessions and can be accessed during the 20-minute morning break. Cohorts are typically between 10 and 20 persons for the half-day workshop.

A Few Testimonials

Good evening. As committed, my review of how yesterday went. I’m proud to say I’ve already started ticking my boxes. _Imagine finding solutions to long-lasting challenges you have experienced in your work, relationships, and overall personal life in just one session. The attendees were from extremely diverse business backgrounds. Yet as we each shared part of our stories through each stage of the session, you could clearly see how the lessons were applicable to all of us in the exact same way. The entire experience was practical and left no room for ambiguity. The delivery was also exceptional. It was interactive, and not an information dump. I appreciated that we all moved together, and intentionally carried each other along. It was truly a worthy investment.

Bupe Mubanga Engie Energy

A day that will change my business fortunes. When I heard about the mentor me business training and what it's about, I immediately knew it was something I needed to be a part of. My business is very unique. I've been finding it challenging to think outside of the box and grow it organically to the heights it needs to get to. The very first day of the program has given me the clarity I was missing and lifted the veil. I have started to see myself in a new light and very optimistic that the practical solutions shared will help my business get to the right place. The diverse participants and their shared stories also give insight on how things can be done differently. I'm keen to complete the course and implement all I learn. It's truly worth the time and effort

Mukosha Mulenga CEO/Founder- Eleora Gems

The mentorship session was beyond expectations, the practicality and clarity in the presentation ignited the zeal to do more. The presentation was not about money but about doing the little things consistently with a focus and the money will come. For any venture, there must be a cause, it shouldn’t just be about money but heart-fulfilling. Am proud of you Sir Chipimo.

Stephen Mkwananzi CFE Credit Operation Manager- ENGIE Energy Access.

How do you sign-up?

The cost is K5,000 per participant (this includes the 8-week follow-up sessions and optional virtual monthly masterclasses).

This fee can be paid using the link below.