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Business Mentorship For Small and Medium Enterprises ( The "8 Cs Business Mentorship Programme" )

Due to the overwhelming demand for business mentorship we have received over the past four years, Mentor Me is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative guided business mentorship programme for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including self-employed business owners, start-ups, early-stage businesses and larger, growth-stage enterprises (as well as employees of such entities).

The programme is immersive, hands-on, and adopts a scientifically proven approach focused on self-driven growth with a strong emphasis on addressing factors within an individual’s direct control. It will accomplish three objectives:

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1. Expose participants to key areas necessary for sustainable business growth.

2. Establish with each SME founder, entrepreneur, business owner, or employee, a simple, practical, effective work plan aligned with each participant’s specific business growth objectives.

3. Engage individually with each participant in eight short virtual weekly sessions to ensure accountability towards implementing the simple but effective daily tasks developed during the workshop.

The programme is delivered in three components :

– one half day kick-off workshop

– eight 15-minute virtual weekly check-ins to confirm daily assignments are being actioned

– monthly 40-minute virtual monthly mentorship masterclasses for all programme participants covering various topics, including regulatory compliance.

The half day workshop covers the following topics ( the 8 Cs ):

1. Character (aligning personal growth with business goals).

2. Culture (creating a work environment that promotes the emergence of the best ideas for business growth).

3. Causal Thinking (objective evaluation of business opportunities through adoption of the ” 5 Ps ” of the entrepreneurial process).

4. Consistency (building the discipline for consistent quality output).

5. Customer Focus (creating value for clients).

6. Communication (consistent effective stakeholder interaction).

7. Collaboration (tapping into the power of unity).

8. Connections (building your own business network).

The workshop is intentionally designed to be fast-paced and hands-on. It will be led by Mentor Me CEO Elias Chipimo.

While the 8Cs Business Mentorship Programme is complimentary with other interventions, our innovative approach distinguishes this initiative in the following way:

• we adopt an immersive, hands-on, fast-paced workshop agenda

• we jointly establish a simple but rigorous daily action implementation plan that commences immediately

• each participant contractually commits to adhering to a robust but simple to administer accountability framework.

Participants will be better able to attract investment and finance for their businesses as a result of sustained commitment to the accountability process.

Each programme participant will attend only one workshop and have one virtual follow-up session every week for eight weeks. Ongoing virtual monthly mentorship sessions will be open to all participants.

The workshop incorporates relevant case studies and will cover compliance with regulatory authorities.

The one-off participation fee (including the eight week virtual follow-up sessions as well as access to the monthly masterclasses) is K5,000 per participant.

To enrol in the programme, sign up here.

Workshops will intially be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 08:30hrs to 13:00hrs. Refreshments and lunch are included.

The workshops start on Thursday, 11 May, 2023.


We initiate efficiency gains in the attainment of sustainable development outcomes.
We identify key factors inhibiting MSME growth from a holistic (i.e. ecosystem) perspective. We initiate efficiency gains in the attainment of sustainable development outcomes

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